1. The unit of POWER can be expressed as W, kW, hp, etc. Their equivalent expressions are J/s, kJ/s, in which J is joule to represent work and 1 J=0.101972kgm (You may find unit conversion table at http://www.digitaldutch.com/unitconverter/). Now, by using such relations find out the following condition when a farm tractor pulls a farm equipment working on the field at 20m/min. Suppose the draft force is meaured as 200kgf. Find out the power of the tractor.
  2. A circuit with three resistors rated 1, 20,200 ohms in series is connected to a voltage source of 110V. Find the line current and power consumption.
  3. Calculate the area of a trangle with three sides in 650cm, 428cm, 282cm, repectively.
  4. A hog house was designed the way that heat dissipations from lighting & equipment 25,000BTU/hr, heat flux through wall & cellings 52,000BTU/hr , heat flux through aerations 84,300BTU/hr. Suppose each hog will dissipate 600BTU/hr, how many hogs this house can raise?
  5. The flow rate of a rectangular water gate can be calculated from the following formula: Q=3.33x[L-0.2H]^(3/2), in which L: width of gate in ft, H:water head in ft and Q: the flow rate in cu. ft./s. Find the flow rate Q if L=4 ft and the wate head is 0.9 ft.

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